Living online, three thoughts at a time.

Hi! Hello! Thank you for being here!

I’ll try not to over-explain or over-introduce this, lest I start sounding like I actually know what I’m doing only to end up burying this in my personal graveyard of dead writing projects (may my past self–synthesis and archiving pursuits rest in peace).

But the idea should be pretty straightforward: whenever you get this newsletter in your inbox, it will contain a list of three things. Three thoughts, or three recommendations, three photos, or three series of photos, three things that I like, things that intrigue me that week, maybe a mix of all of the above — anything, but no more than three.


Idk, three seems like a nice, easy number. Three sounds simple. Sustainable. Three sounds like it probably won’t overwhelm the reader (your inbox is a precious space) nor the writer (I simply lack the stamina). Occasionally, a few “honorable mentions” will make an appearance, but the main goal remains just three little things.

Tl;dr — living online can be so overwhelmingly sporadic so here’s me attempting to carve out for myself some semblance of order.

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